Forged Blade Irons - A Look At The Market

Forged Blade Irons

So you've got over the cavity back vs blade iron question and have decided on blades...what next?

Well question two revolves around the clubhead and in particular the process by which it has been manufactured. Your choice here is cast or forged and different blade iron sets are constructed according to one or the other.

Generally speaking forged blades are more expensive than those that have been cast because of the fact that they have been shaped out of a solid piece of metal rather than cast out of a mold.

The general argument in favor of forged irons (although not all golfers will agree) is that the construction process provides a clubhead that offers more feel as compared to a cast iron. As the fundamental aim of a set of blades is increased feel and hence control, adding the forging process to the mix can provide a very refined set of precision irons.

Here we take a look at a few of our favorite forged blade sets:

Callaway X-Tour Blade Irons

Callaway X-Tour

These are a demanding iron set and hence for the committed golfer will force you to make significant improvements.

Nike Forged Blade Irons

Nike Forged

A great precision set of forged blades which provide real feel but also enable consistency without too much of a challenge

TaylorMade RAC MB TP Blade Irons

TaylorMade RAC MB TP

For a professional level game you need professional level irons and the Taylormade RAC MB set is definitely "up there".

Titleist 695MB Forged Blade Irons

Titleist 695MB

A beautifully crafted set that like the Callaway X-Tour above force commitment and improvements due to their demanding nature.

Nickent 4DX Pro Combo Blade Irons

Nickent 4DX Pro Combo

A great set for the ambitious mid-handiapper looking to work their way up to singly digits sooner rather than later.

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