Nike Blade Irons

Nike Blade Irons image The forged Nike Blade Irons are appearing on more than a few golfers' wish lists these days. Of course, one of the first things that any diligent modern shopper does is hop on the Internet to see what's available and what others in the golf club market have to say.

Nike forged blade irons with steel were Nike's first set that was created under the supervision of Tom Stites. As you may already know, Tom Stites is a master club maker, and these Nike forged blades use an exemplary two-step forging process. What this does, is creates only the highest level of consistency and exemplary performance that professional golfers demand. These irons are crafted from the highest quality materials, and have been rigorously tour tested. These Nike golf forged tour blade irons will provide you with the utmost in consistency, as well as increased performance on every shot that you make.

Nike Blade Irons Details

Nike blade irons specs feature a superior grip, which will provide you with the utmost interaction from the smallest amount of grip pressure. They have been classically designed, and proffer a pure energy that is the clear preference of advanced golfers. Whether right or left-handed Nike forged blades, they also offer proprietary V and U grooves, which creates maximum trajectory, spin and distance control. With their exact forging, it ensures that the grains of the soft 1030 carbon steel are in alignment, which insures maximum performance and superb feel. The flex and weight-matched shafts of

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Nike MM Fly Blade Block Golf Polo
Nike MM Fly Blade Block Golf Polo $89.99
these Nike golf forged tour blade irons ensure maximum performance ability from the forged iron design. This produces spectacular feel, control and superb distance versus other clubs you can find.

One thing that is extremely important for you to understand is that these Nike golf forged tour blade irons have not been crafted for the weekend warrior. Despite the fact that many golfers may think they are two steps away from professional, many have used these Nike Blades and ultimately golfed a terrible game. Of course, they end up blaming the irons, but these Nike forged blade irons have been so superbly crafted that their tolerance is extremely precise, which does not bode well for even the slightest inaccuracy in the shot. For this reason, many of the Nike blade irons reviews that you may come across on the Internet will proclaim that these irons are the root of the problem, and that the cheapest and lowest quality irons provide more consistency and feel. Although nothing could be further from the truth, these types of reviews are coming from golfers who are perhaps not looking at their game in a very helpful way, or are not interested in optimizing their own improvement.

Nike Blade Irons Use

You can find new and used Nike blade irons on the Internet, and regardless of which you choose, the specs for the individual clubs are readily available. They are an extremely beautiful iron, and have a very narrow face. Because of this they have a very thin top line, which provides you with a lower center of gravity for a superbly hard, straight and low ball flight versus a blind, high lob. This is the primary reason why many golfers find these clubs harder to use, yet at the same time they provide greater control and connection, and are truly consistent. However, for the inexperienced golfer learning to use them properly will take time, but will drastic improvement in your game is the for giving the Nike Blade Irons a proper chance.

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