Snake Eyes 675B Blade Irons

Snake Eyes 675B Blade Irons Okay, you've played the game and you have improved your shot. You hit dead on most of the time and you feel that you have good control of your swing—now what? If you are content with that then you are right where you need to be but if you want more then the Snake Eyes 675B blade irons may be in your future. The 675B is a true muscle back and that means you will get no quarter from them if you haven't got your swing down pat. It also means that if you hit solid and dead on you are going to experience the thrill of a really beautiful long reaching shot. The Snake Eyes 675B are forged iron which makes them just a tad softer feeling than the carbon steel 600B. Their thin top edge and beveled sole along with a very minimal offset are extremely exacting offering a very small sweet spot, but that is one super sweet contact zone when you find it.

The Snake Eyes 675B blade irons are a low handicap level club that come complete with 3 – PW for the right hand. They are available in regular to extra stiff so that you can choose the degree of stiffness that suits your swing and can be further customized with degree of lie and loft to truly make for a custom set of professional level clubs. Grips can be ordered in standard, midsize, jumbo and undersize for the ladies as well as in a huge variety of colors for the truly stylized golfer. Shafts are available in 17 different varieties from graphite to Rifle flighted and in 10 different swing weights.

The Snake Eyes 675B blade irons are truly the professional golfer's dream clubs that are made to suit your game perfectly.

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