The Blade Iron Set - A Look Inside

The Blade Iron Set

Blade iron sets are no different in terms of the range of irons of which the set comprises as compared to any other iron set, be it a cavity back or a super game improvement set.

A full set includes between 7 and 11 clubs and these clubs are traditionally broken down into sub-groups according to their shaft length:

The long irons: the irons 1 to 4 are generally classified as the "long irons" and are famously the most difficult clubs to hit in any golf bag. A long shaft length with a club head that has little offset and a small sweet spot makes consistent shots difficult and even the slightest mis-alignment on contact can lead to a severely wayward shot. They are used for low straight distance shots from either the tee, fairway or the rough.

The mid irons: numbers 5 though 7 are called the mid irons falling between the difficult to hit long irons and the short irons which are used principally for the approach onto the green and recovery shots. The mid-irons are great fairway clubs and are capable of good distances combined with relative accuracy making an accurate approach shot from 150 yards plus possible.

The short irons: the irons 8 through to the wedges (most commonly the sand and pitching wedge) are the clubs for your short game. A generous offset and larger sweet spot makes a tricky approach and a precise landing possible. They allow the most creativity in shot-making and amongst golfers are often the favorites in terms of the clubs they most want to master. A great short game can really do wonders for your game.

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