What Are Blade Or Tour Irons?

What Are Blade Irons
The fact is that every golfer is not created equal and to correspond to the different levels of playing ability their are different kinds of golf equipment. In relation to the iron set these can be broadly categorized into two genres: blade or tour irons (sometimes referred to as muscle backs) and cavity back or game improvement irons.

These different "types" of iron incorporate different features and hence accomodate a different playing style or playing capability. Players with low to mid level handicaps with more developed skills will be able to handle the unique qualities of blade irons.

The name - "blades" - comes directly from the blade shape of the iron head which in contrast to "cavity backs" does not have a hollow cavity behind the club face. Because of their solid design, blade golf irons have an even distribution of weight but they also inevitably have a much smaller "sweet spot" than their counterpart which consequently requires a more talented golfer to be able to "find" and hence utilize it effectively.

All of the successful golf equipment manufacturers actively research develop and market blade irons with sets from Ping, Titleist, Callaway and TaylorMade generally being the most popular.

Companies like Cleveland, Nickent, Wilson and some of the smaller independent companies, however, should not be overlooked as they too provide innovative and well received blade iron sets.

There are over 20 sets that we consider to be the front runners in this category and a good place to start your research is our reviews section.

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