Why Use Blade Irons

Why Use Blade Irons

Blade irons are not without their critics and many golfers (even low handicappers) prefer to use an improvement iron set for the added stability and consistency that they offer.

However, although by using a blade you forgo some of the forgiveness found in cavity back irons you do make real gains in feel and control - the two most important factors for the progressive golfer to really "own" their shots and hence further lower their scores.

The most significant area of play you will notice this extra control and feel is in your short game where the large and clunky cavity backs effectively "get in the way" between your own senses and the ball.

Many strokes can be saved in an effective approach to the green - the obvious truth being the closer you can get to the pin the less putts you will need to take.

If you've got the basics of the game mastered which principally revolves around a consistent swing you may find that your shot-making ability, particularly in your short game hits new levels with a switch to a set of blades.

For a deeper insight you may want to read our more detailed "comparison of blades and cavity backs" - the age old debate that still doesn't have an answer, or head over to our reviews section.

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