Left Handed Blade Irons - A Look At The Market

Left Handed Blade Irons

Left handed golfers can often get a raw deal as not every piece of golf equipment is produced in both a right and left hand variety.

The same is true for irons but the left handed golfer interested in a set of blade irons doesn't need to despair as many of the most well received sets on the market are readily available for the lefties amongst us.

Here we take a look at a few of our favorites:

Ping i3 Blade Irons

Ping i3

One of the most popular irons in the golf world for their ability to help intermediate players who truly want to get a good game step it up

Callaway X-14 Blade Irons

Callaway X-14

These irons have a wonderful reputation in the golfing world for both being forgiving enough for newer players, and yet strong enough for advanced players.

TaylorMade Tour Preferred Blade Irons

TaylorMade Tour Preferred

These clubs can be used by advancing players having reached a solid mid handicap level and a more consistent game who wish to improve further to low handicap levels.

Cleveland CG Tour Blade Irons

Cleveland CG Tour

Players with a good eye and even stroke will appreciate the precision and performance of the Cleveland CG Tour Iron.

Titleist AP 2 Blade Irons

Titleist AP 2

These irons work best for players in the single digit handicap level but players around the 10 point mark would be wise to consider these gems.

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